Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hello from Guiseppe!

I am Giuseppe Perretti, I come from a small town in the South of Italy called Potenza where I lived until I was 19 years old and I finished the school. In September 2009 I left my city and I started to study International and Diplomatic Science in Forlì at the University of Bologna. During my bachelor degree, I had the opportunity to take part in to an Erasmus exchange spending six months in Budapest in 2011. This was my first experience of living abroad and the Erasmus environment has been the best way to start this adventure knowing a new place, new culture and many people from different countries.

After the bachelor degree and thanks to my previous experience in Budapest I started a two years master focusing on the international relations, economy and history of Eastern Europe and former USSR area and in this framework I implemented another study exchange in Lithuania, at the Vitautas Magnus University of Kaunas. This time although it was a small town thanks to the university was also full of students from all over the world and again this was an amazing opportunity to know and enter in contact with new cultures and costumes and to visit other countries such as Poland, Russia and other Baltic Countries.

It was the study of conflict and international relation and the curiosity of knowing different countries that led me to go in Israel for a master degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at the Tel Aviv University. Here I approached the political, psychological and most of all cultural approach to conflict resolution and only living in a country in war I could understand that separation, prejudice and lack of dialogue are a fuel for conflicts.

Principally for this reason I decided to take part in EVS in Semper Avanti Organization, because only allowing to the new generations to know other culture it is possible to fight prejudice, the “fear of the different” and learn how to respect everyone. This is very important especially for the situation that we are living today, in an Europe where the multiculturalism is everywhere and where the overwhelming stream of immigration is feeding social frictions, political instability and most of all cultural separation.

Coming back on me, I can say I am not that serious in real life, I have a lot of hobbies such as playing the guitar, listening music, hang out with friends, cook and most of all to eat every kind of food. I love to travel everywhere and with everyone, I love also sport such as rugby or water-polo, tennis table and sailing.

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